Focus on the development and manufacturing of hot runners, explore and discover, come from Reheng!
The excitement continues...

Since 2005

Reheng Company was registered and established.
Since  2005

Since 2006

The product was officially put into production, with an output value of 600,000 yuan that year.
Since  2006

Since 2007

Mr. Shen Yong, a hot runner expert, joined Reheng Company, established the Reheng brand, and became a private technology enterprise in Dongguan.
Since  2007

Since 2008

Independent legal person branches Qingdao Reheng and Huangyan Reheng in Taizhou, Zhejiang were put into operation.
Since  2008

Since 2009

The company became the governing unit of Guangdong Die & Mould Industry Association and Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, and three patented technology applications have been accepted by the National Property Office.
Since  2009

Since 2010

The company became a private technology enterprise in Guangdong Province, with two technical patents authorized, and one product won the Best Design Award of Injection Molded Products from China Plastics Association.
Since  2010

Since 2011

Kunshan, Jiangsu, and Hong Kong, China Reheng put into operation.
Since  2011

Since 2012

Passed the South German TUV ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, six patented technology applications have been accepted by the State Intellectual Property Office.
Since  2012

Since 2013

Reheng was in line with international standards and opened up the international market, and India office was established.
Since  2013

Since 2014

Reheng established offices in Chongqing and Xiamen.
Since  2014

Since 2015

Reheng develops and produces a variety of high-end hot runner systems STS, CEM, STM, PEM, BEM, etc., which have been successfully applied to high-end mold products.
Since  2015

Since 2016

Reheng obtained 6 patent certificates, 4 patent certificates were accepted by the state, and STS and STM high-end hot runners were put into use in batches.
Since  2016
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